Internet Broadband Speed Test

Have you really ever thinking of the internet broadband you've subscribed from your local ISP (internet service provider)? Actually there's a website called, which gives you the convenience to figure out the real potential of your internet broadband service. This website serves as a tool for internet users to learn about the real potential of your internet broadband, and at the same time, the hidden power of your internet broadband which hasn't been utilized.

Once you open the portal, will let you choose from a list of server from your local country. When you chose the ping server and start the speed test, the web tool will start ping the server for you, and determine the download speed, and then the upload speed within a minute. Well, with a sporting looking of the tachometer, giving you a feel of driving a cool sport car to test its top speed. ^_^

Finally, after all the tests have been carry out, it will display out a result and with a number of link for you to copy and paste on your forum or website to show off your top speed and discuss amongst other internet users. Don't ask about my ISP, because i'm really disappointed with its service, although claimed to be the largest network of 3G service in country,but providing a really slow speed for my territory, and great number of hidden power within.. Nonetheless, have fun with this web tool!

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derwin said...

To be quite honest, is somewhat outdated software now. In fact, about a week ago a company called Pure Networks launched a new application called Speed Meter Pro. You can find it here:

Instead of limiting the speed test (which is the case with, Pure Networks Speed Meter Pro scans across your entire network including connected computers, wired and wireless networks and Internet connection. It also proactively monitors your network to detect issues that need immediate attention.

And best of all, Speed Meter Pro allows you to view a 30-day history of download and upload speeds, letting you track specific performance trends and causes. This is innovation at its finest, in my opinion.

kiruthika said...

It's nice information.
I found the site IP-details.I tested my broadband speed here.It's useful for me.

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Terimakasih admin..
salam kenal ^_^

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