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Vantage Point Movie Review

Several days ago i went to MBO cinema with my folks to watch Vantage Point. After seeing the movie, all my friends gave a very good comments and compliments to this film. It was so exciting and bring us up to the climax at the very precise moment. Therefore i give 5 stars rating for this movie based on the vantage point of mine. Hehe..

Vantage Point talks about the assassination of the President of United States by a team of terrorists. But this movie is delivered to all audiences in a new kind of approach, where the director put in total of eight strangers and eight different points of view in order to solve the truth. However, the truth will only be unveiled once all eight key person's view and memory be combined together. So make sure you watched every point of view of each key person and understood it before you make any assumption on the assassination.

Starring Dennis Quaid as Thomas Barnes, Matthew Fox as Kent Taylor, and Forest Whitaker as Howard Lewis these 3 Hollywood star as main characters. This movie is scened using Spain as background, where an Anti-terrorist Summit is held between United States, Spain and several other country. Barnes, who is Secret Service Agent to protect the President, who once ago took a bullet for the President, is again assigned to protect Mr President; Taylor, who's also a Secret Service Agent, in the end turned out to be a terrorist who has been taking cover and wait for a chance to kidnap President and make his group of terrorist success in their plan.; Lewis, who is just a American tourist, thought he captured the shooter on his Sony HDV camcoder while videotaping the summit function. Other than the three of them, there are other stories tell by other key person which you will need to consider, it is not for catching the shooter or the terrorist, but for you to figure out how actually the shooter can shoot the fake President at the Summit, the tricks terrorist uses, and how they eventually they figure out from the beginning that the President they shot is a fake and kidnapped the real President so easily.

You might find it bored at the beginning of the movie, because it needs to introduce each point of view of each key person. Ya!! Which means you will kept seeing the same opening scene on how the President arrived at the Summit, how President is shot, how the Agents tried to protect and catch the shooter. This, has made and triggered much of laughters inside the cinema. However, soon the movie's plot will enter the beginning of the climax when Barnes found out that his partner, Taylor, who Barnes trusted, is related to terrorist, or worst, a terrorist! Hot pursuit between Barnes and Taylor soon initiated, there start the real climax of the movie. Lots of hot actions will hit on you as wave by wave of excitements in a very long interval and very fast pace. I guess until here i share the story with you, as i said, watch the movie yourself is a better way to prove that this movie worth your ticket price. ^_^

One thing that do stunned me is the technology knowledge terrorist uses. The chief terrorist can switch ON a table fan via cell phone connection. Most impressively is, he can use his cell phone (or PDA phone) to take aim on the fake President (with the aiming point visualize on his PDA phone) and trigger the machine gun without any difficulty. Impressive!

Well, until here i will share my experience with you about the review of the Vantage Point. You're lucky IF you're as lucky as Barnes in the film, because you can then be a super hero and save anyone you love or you treasure the most without failure. Well, dream about it...


The Essence of ASUS Eee PC

Recently the ASUS launched a new laptop, which small in size, collaborate with Intel, created Eee PC. This laptop, currently hit the market, and get lots of positive feedback from the consumers and other experts. From the name Eee, which stands for "Easy to learn, Easy to work, Easy to play". Do it really means "Effective, Economic, Entertainment"?

Initially this is a kind of project which is to help children to get cheaper and in more affordable price, since there are so much children are dwelling in under developing country. They are already in problems for getting food and shelter, so where can they get education from and get educated? Therefore, OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) is formed by ICT4D non-profit organization, the faculty member of the MIT Media Lab. In short, this project is to help children get educated and ASUS Eee PC is one of the project that supporting the OLPC.

There are currently 4 models in the market, and i planned to discover the laptop model with the highest specification with you folks.

The highest specification of ASUS Eee PC is Eee PC 8G, which built on Intel 910GML series chipset, equipped with Intel Celeron-M ULV 353 processor with up to 900Mhz of clock frequency, which is more than enough to operate a laptop to function and multi-task. Then the laptop comes with a 7 inches TFT LCD screen ( around 800 x 480 pixels) as its console to display whatever the education info for the kids. 1GB of 533/667 DDR2 RAM which upgradeable into 2GB, which is decent enough to have in this education-purpose laptop. Nevertheless, only one slot of DDR2 RAM is included in this laptop's motherboard. Other than that, it comes with a 4 cell Li-Ion battery, which is 5200 mAh and 7.4 volts, it states that this Eee PC can last for 3 h 30 min battery life. Since this laptop is quite small in size, we can expect its weight in range around 920 grams.

However one of the most interesting feature in this laptop is, the storage element in this laptop. This time, ASUS decides to use SSD type of storage element. SSD, which stands for Solid-State drive, which consumes less power, and allows the laptop to boot more quickly than normal laptop, and it is less susceptible to shock damage too, which is a feature that normal laptop didn't have unless you pursue for higher range of laptop. However, 8GB of storage is consider small and not suitable for normal users as current era everything (Application, software, OS, entertainment files) are all in size of Giga Bytes. Even normal storage element has evolved into Tera Bytes (TB). But for education purpose, 8GB is enough to handle every documents. Besides, it also comes with a 0.3 Megapixel webcam which allow video calling via internet. Since this gadget is added in this model, means that wireless feature (Wi-Fi) is available in this model too. Last but not least, this model currently pre-installed with Linux Xandros OS, which cannot be changed into Windows.

For education purpose laptop, this Eee PC sure done a very good job as it provides variety of functions and features to the users, which mainly targeted for children. With all these stuffs, it only sells for USD $425, therefore, i bet lots and lots of kids will be benefited by this laptop and this project. You're lucky IF you're already donating this Eee PC to some of the kids, because you are doing something very good for the society and contribute to the society (to whoever is needed). Although i can't be right now, i will contribute in future. Congrates to all the donators and the project initiator.


Monetizing your Creativity Masterpiece

As posting becomes more interesting, another blog of mine is destined to launch. I put the name "Monetize your Creativity" as my own title, as this new blog of mine will focus on monetizing the blog we have, and put emphasize on some hot topics such as to draw traffic to your blog, customize it as for easy-to-use, putting ads (Google adsense) on blog, and topics which will draw interests of all audience and my folks.

Starting of a new blog directory doesn't means that the old blog will be disposed or abandoned. This blog, my very first blogspot space, will still be remained and continue its own style in the future. I will still share all my discovering, point of views, facts of tech, tips of internet and computer, last but not least, hottest topic around the world with you. Therefore hoping all my fellow readers will continue support my blog post and my new blogspot space which with a materialistic title "Monetize your Creativity". You can click on the link i pasted in this blog.

Therefore, please give me all your valuable comments and suggestions on my space if you feel to do so. You're lucky IF you're able to managing more than one blog space with success, because to multi-tasking several blogs together is not an easy task. Congrates for those bloggers who has successfully done it!


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Gaming - DotA Effects

DotA effects have been continue for several years since the launch of the War of War Craft and the Frozen Throne. Almost every people especially the youth has played this game at the very beginning of the years. What is the content that DotA offers to the gamers? And how's the excitements that it brings towards the gamers? And you may ask a key question, how long will this DotA effects last?

DotA basically is a game expanded from version of War of War Craft, which initially a strategic game similar to Red Alert series. But eventually evolved into current state. Gamers can play DotA on a wide range; from single player, local LAN, or LAN over internet connection with various country's gamers. There contain variety of Heroes to be chosen as your character, there are many type of gaming modes, and different type of map for the game modes. There's no need for me to explain how the game is conducted and the features of the game. Because there are lots of gamers who are more expert than me exist in the DotA community. For me, this DotA is not a difficult game for amateur, you can start play DotA anytime and familiar with this game easily over 2 or 3 days. But one things to remind you is, DotA is not easy to master and play like a Pro. You can take up to several years spent on this game but still behave like amateur.

There are lots of effects which DotA brings to our society, to be particular, the youth. With no doubt this game is one of the hottest game in the market. In every cyber cafe you can see gamers stick with their screen and mouse and keyboard, with their face full of concentration and excitements finding ways to defeat their opposing team or enemies. Actually DotA serve as a platform for youth to communicate. Teenagers who initially don't know each other can easily become friends through DotA game, because this game provides a common topics for every of the teenagers. They can discuss about the weapons, the heros, the tactics, the different versions of maps, and every features inside the game.

DotA effects does not limits within friend's topics, but there are lots of forum and website created to match the current tendency of DotA effects. Forum and website are one of the effective way for all the gamers to discuss about the game. There are lots of tactics advices, heroes' characteristics, weapons' attributions, and new maps updates provided for every gamers. Daily update of the forum is not a surprise. There is also official website exists which provides the very same function as other forums and websites did.

For this game, DotA, lots of tournaments have been held by many parties, it includes World Class Level, Regional or Local tournaments, and even between universities itself. Playing games is not a bad activities to do with, and i absolutely agree that everyone should play some games for pleasure or relax. I have not play any DotA game before my University-Life, i heard my friends played it but i haven't got any mood to focus on it. Once enter my university life, i started to play this game. Therefore it makes me an amateur at this age and struggle in front of pro-gamers during matches. Besides, scientific reports revealed that play games help the gamers maintain flexibility of body parts and better exercise for the brain. Moreover, it helps train the synchronization between body parts responds and brain responds. In contrast, addicted to the game is not a good thing because you devote yourself, energy, and time on merely a game, which will only brings more harm than good to yourself. You're lucky IF you're clever not to let yourself addicted to DotA, because this might just be wasting your precious time playing it if you not to becoming a pro-gamer. (In my last poll reveals that more people reckon that playing DotA waste a lots of time for nothing...).


Encourage Anti Splog in Bloggers community

Splog, which being introduced around August of 2005, is now being spread and known by all blogger community nowadays. If you're still wondering what is Splog, you should continue read this blog till the end.

Splog, is actually the combination of two words; Spam and Blog. Basically it is a phenomenon which happens around all bloggers community. In our blogger community, every blogger is doing their best in creating a blog, writing all their feels, opinions, and the updated news with everyone in the community. While posting a blog, all words and the info are treated your masterpiece and other bloggers just to view and give comment to the blogger. But as the blogger community becomes more powerful nowadays, many advertisements (ads) start using the blog to introduce their products or services; in addition, search engine might detect the keyword on a blogger's page whenever a person is searching an info over internet (As the ranking on the search engine higher, means the blogger is more popular.). Being ranked by the search engine as one of the top website or blog is such a pride for anyone, but this has made some of the people think of a money earning opportunity by creating a blog themselves and start publish all their blogs to the blogger community. But the problem is, those people might not know about the true meaning of blogging, they might just simply copy the blog content from other blogger's blog and publish it instead on their blog page. This, is what we called Splog.

Maybe some of the blogger might still not aware of the potential danger and lost the what we called Splogger will have on us, you will realise it once i've state clear all the possibilities we might face somedays. First and foremost Splogger copy all the wonderful content from other blogger's blog, splogger paste it on their site, which means the content of the splogger will be same as the original blogger. By doing so some of the advertisers will advertise their ads on the fake blog from the splogger rather than the original blogger. This will make the splogger earn extra money while the blogger lost some funding sources. This is absolutely not fair towards the blogger who has spent all their time researching on their blog topics. Secondly, the splogger (plagiarist) will only make the blogger community compact and full with plagiarize copy of blog. Hence making the other users cannot really search for what they wanted instead of copies of splogger. Therefore, the existence of splogger will not benefit any party at all but themselves while at the same time, bringing troubles to all bloggers and internet users.

After i made all the statements about the troublesome of sploggers, now i have some of the ways and methods to cope with this phenomenons which i've read from certain tech magazines. The first things we can do it to put watermarks on our products (blogs), whenever the sploggers tries to copy our contents, the watermarks will follow the contents of our blogs to everywhere. Or maybe we can try to include our name inside our own post as frequent as possible. In case if the splogger simply copy our content into their directories or blogs without erase or filter out the original blogger's name, then the other users will get chance to recognize that particular blog space is of fake content and is copy of plagiarism. Then the users can report this case to certain website for other users references. Several website have start doing their efforts on anti-splog phenomenons, mainly they provide references for users or provide services for blogger to avoid splogs threats. Though they might not be able to blacklist or ban the splog, at least it provides a reference for other internet users to avoid entering this kind of blog for update news and info.

Methods mentioned above are not a guarantee for a splog free environments, sploggers can be at anywhere plagiarizing the content of everyone, therefore not any solution is said to be 100% workable. But choosing between this two characters, i'm 100% sure that i'm supporting bloggers because anyone in the blogger community will be proud of their own contents being read and comments by the public, rather than copying contents from other sites. You're lucky IF you're a truly blogger, because it is FUN being a blogger, and it is PROUD being a blogger.


SODIS--Wonderful Secret That We Should Know

SODIS, which stands for Solar Water Disinfection, which is a way to purify or to disinfect the water without using any high technology devices (I really mean without any electronic devices!) but still, related to certain high technology concept. Sure you all are kind of curious and feel weird, why am I speaking of without any electronic device and yet using the high tech concept. Hereby i emphasize, what you need to focus is, the concept of SODIS.

You sure don't need my reminds that, water is the world most important elements to the human. Without water, we cannot do many things in our daily life (Don't need to mention anymore about the activities right?). But after decades and decades, the water quality in our world slowly degrades and became worst when there are lots of activities or accidents that happened which contributes to the water pollution. Making the water quality is no longer satisfy in certain country especially Africa's fellow residents.

Water area which been polluted can no longer be consumed, consumption of the polluted water could bring harm to the human or even cause death to the consumer. Therefore, SODIS is developed to overcome this water crisis on poverty countries.

SODIS is a simple technology which used to improve the microbiological quality of drinking water. In short, it use solar radiation to destroy the pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms. This technology is first introduced by EAWAG (The Swiss Federal Institute for Environmental Science and Technology) and SANDEC (EAWAG's Department of Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries) (What a pretty long department name!!!) since 1991.

I'll describe the method of SODIS at below, you can try to do some experiment on it ^_^:
  1. First, we need to find a water bottle, which is transparent and colorless. We need to proper wash both inside and outside of the bottle. And most importantly, the water bottle must be made of the material of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalae). Bottle which made of PVC (Polyvinylchloride) as main material cannot be used to perform this disinfection process.
  2. Put around three quarters of the water desired to be purified (from river, well, or lake) into the bottle. Then you need to shake the bottle for several times, this is to let more oxygen get inside the water molecules as the existence of oxygen molecules can help disinfect the bacteria and pathogen within the water.
  3. Then pour in more water into the bottle until the bottle is full. If you can see through the bottle with no problem, then the water is suitable for purifying, else, try filter the water and try again.
  4. You need to put the on a corrugated iron sheet or put it on the roof direct under the sun light. Leave it for a period of at least 6 hours. If the day is cloudy, then you should leave it for about 2 days.
  5. And the last procedure of it, is, DRINK IT.

Yes, that is all the procedure for disinfect the water. But need to remind you all that, not all type of water is suitable to undergo this process. Water which has been polluted to a certain degree is not fit to perform this disinfection action. Therefore, when you do this experiment, at least try to use "Not So Dirty" water. >_< here.

Water is one of the most important elements in our world. Without water, we will sure encounter difficulty in our daily life. You're lucky IF you're provided with guarantee clean water source, because there are much people in this world who fact difficulty in getting clean water everyday. Therefore we should help these people to obtain clean water in order to let them continue their daily life. Hope this crisis will be surmounted by the co-operation of all countries. Please give encouragement for people to help protect our nature.

p/s: I welcome your valuable comments.


Meet the Spartan Review

31st of January I watched "Meet the Spartan", actually it's not a highly anticipated movie that i desire to watch, just one of my friend saw the ads on the newspaper, with words . Then i'm being dragged into this "Replica of Scary Movie premier night".

Actually from the movie poster, you can clearly know that this movie is the typical type of comedy movie, which the director Jason Friedberg choose to put in lots of entertainment factor that happened around the Hollywood. Describing the movie poster, you can see a Transformer-model standing at a very obvious position. There's Ghost Rider at the right hand side, baby shrek, "Spiderwoman", "Rocky", and even some of the popular singers are included in this movie. By only this movie poster you could have know what will happened in the story later, i bet.

Now we can get into the story in brief. Basically, for your information, this "Meet the Spartan" story is based on the story line of the movie "300", which describes the greediness, power-hunger, glory, and war between the two most ancient empires of Greeks. Even though this movie is based on another movie "300", but it has mixed with variety of elements from other popular movies or incidents happened on some artists. And all the laughing factors come straight from all that elements. However, i'm stunned by the way of presenting these laughing factors..

In the story, baby shrek is the first character introduced by the director Jason. If you know what a baby shrek will do, then you are right about the baby shrek is doing the same job he done on the King of the Far Far Away Kingdom, Shrek in the latest episode. Ya, he spewed, or vomited to the nearby person. Then there comes the King Leonidas (Sean Maguire) being trained to fight FEARLESSLY with his granny, and been through brutal torture which is James Bond-style we seen in Casino Royal, and playing survivor eating burger and fighting a Happy Feet. While you getting deeper into the story, the movie introduce you their "Funny" Killing machine, "The Pit of Death", where at this scene, a lot of funny characters kept popping up one by one. Briney-look-alike, S.Malakar from the American Idol, and all three judges from American Idol. Introduction of all these characters is actually for the King Leonidas to kick them down to the Pit of Death to be cleaned up. But there King Leonidas has kicked the Persian's embassador together down to the Pit of Death and declare war with the Persian.

Skipping some of the scene, King Leonidas finally gather 13 soldiers (not 300 soldier???) and gone to the war against the Persian (The king of Persian Xerxes makes the movie more enjoyable..). Skipping the fact that they had met with Paris Hilton, the important scene is the way that the King Leonidas and the Persian crashed in the war. They are actually doing street dance and this scene if not mistaken, is the story taken from the movie "Stomp the Yard". They dance all the way to compete against each other rather than fight using their sword and knife (But eventually they do so). At the fighting climax this movie included some elements of the game "Grand Thief Auto" and making the effects of the movie sounds more interesting than you have expected (King Leonidas actually holding a machine gun shooting around and running like a jammed robot).

Real climax reach when the king of Persian, Xerxes accidently picked up the transformer cube, and transformed himself along with a car, and becomes the "Xerxestron"......... But finally the "Xerxestron" has been defeated! by himself because the power cable which connects the "Xerxestron" to the plug (I dunno why there are plug came out of nowhere for "Xerxestron"...) disconnected. Disconnected of the power cable means the "Xerxestron" is not provided with power, it means will fall and destroyed, which means the victorious for the King Leonidas! But the matter is, when the "Xerxestron" falls, it falls right on the King Leonidas and his army's body.. Conclusion is, both king dies, no victory, no winner. And one last thing is, King Leonidas dies in a funny position... Watch out for that scene ok? :-)

You're lucky IF you're suitable for any kind of movies and still enjoy them. For this movie, actually it is not my cup of tea, especially when it involve with lots of artists' scandals.. But for those fellows who likes comedy and "Scary Movie" style of story, this movie is just made for their taste.



Again! Blogging!

Yes. That's what i want to say.. The first ever blog that posted online was since 1995 if i'm not mistaken. But now it is already 13 years since that, you can mean this is eon ago. Wow... From a recent article i've read (though it is an old magazine..), a kind of blog that has been started is Moblog, i.e. a blog that post via mobile phone. Well, this is possible since the world's technology is developing in such a fast pace. I would even say that it should have been started a long time ago. But to Moblog, the must have condition for it is to have a GPRS or maybe WiFi enabled, ranging from Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, to high-ended PDA phone by Motorola and so on. With this you can post your desired blog, comment, or memories, sharing with everyone in this world. But one thing that you would not want to forget during posting your blog is... To be inside the mobile network which can send your blog onto the internet in a flying speed. ^_^

Moblog is exactly the same as Webblog (i.e. what we're doing now--blogging). Same function and same popularity amongst the public especially the teenagers in colleges or universities. It just that you are able to do your blog anywhere and anytime. The difference is that you're using your cell phone to execute whatever you usually do by using your personal computer or maybe your own piece of Mac book.

What are the differences that Moblog provides other than Webblog?? Bet you lots sure wanna know about this. But before i can speak any of these, most of the blogger might think of . Ya, exactly... wonder how people can restrain themselves using a mobile phone to do all this complicated stuff while they are able to use their Multi-core computer or laptop that have more power to assist them. That will save a lot more time and energy to do this... Unless you got a brand new Nokia N95 8GB Edition to be your hands and legs. Besides, try to imagine that using a cell phone to key in all these paragraphs of words with the tiny keypad...

Nevertheless, advantages that Moblog can provides is, it enable the blogger to access and post their blogs without any hassle and are ready to connect to the wireless mobile network wherever they are. And to be emphasized is that, nowadays people likes the freedom to do anything fast and effectively. Moblog via cell phone certainly can do that.

Things are always double-bladed... Have cons & pros. What i trying to say is... You're lucky IF you're having something that benefits you a lot. Try to appreaciate it from now, because nothing in this world will last forever..

Good day to you all. ^_^

Moblogging using iphone wasn't a bad idea, was it??

But make sure you don't get tired of touching the screen ya..


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