Discovering the magic of Coolhotmail

Do you feel bored about seeing always the same kind of email address? Well, i've just discovered that you can actually give you email address a very special name, or probably, a email address with your own name on it! With total customization freedom of your's! Hit "Read More" button for further story if i get your attention. ^_^

What i said maybe sound totally outrageous, but it is true that you will be able to customize your email address into something more interesting, or being suits your personality. You can tell people who is your favorite stars by carving the name of the star on your email address; if you are a football maniac, you can say out loud on your email address title; or you can just tell other people of your personality on the email address, no problem!

This is all been achieved by using the new email service provided by Microsoft and MSN. Recently these two OS and internet leader offers this great email service for all internet users, mainly for FUN. All you need to do to enjoy this service is just simply register to this service, with a few of simple click, it is all done.

There are a few of categories which you can choose your email address. Total of 5 categories, sounds "city i love", "who i like", "who i am", "what i like", and the last category "i don't fit". There you got piles of email list you can choose from to customize your email address, with various type of word and name. However, the email address will not be same as you knew previously, the email address ends with or .in instead of .com which we usually known for, but if you are a expert email users, you might notice that or .in is actually a extension of web or email, or be define as country code top-level domain, .com extension is also available for certain email domain.

Feeling interested? Try visit coolhotmail for your own personally customized email address! ^_^



Hi, as i've mentioned before, i've added a "Read More" function on my blog. Therefore on every of my post, there's only certain paragraphs or contains displaying on the front page, fellow readers will need to click the "Read More" button in order to read the full post.

Doing this is nothing but to help all readers enhance their surfing experience as this will shorten the time required to load my blog page. As i always experience, whenever i surf some friends' blog, their contents, especially the multimedia add-on, making the surfing experience less decent since i'm using a low speed internet connection..

Hope this situation will soon be settled ^_^ and anyhow, hope my "Read More" button can assist all reader while surfing my blog. Lastly, please support my "Read More" button!

Panic button??!


Can-Am Spyder roadster discovered!

This is a three-wheel vehicle, where two of the wheels are located on the front position and one at the back position. Equipped with an approximate to 1000cc of V-Twin engine which manufactured by BRP-Rotax. With a simple glance of it you can notice that this motorcycle looks more sports car than a motorcycle, giving it a kind of "future" look to all the people. This vehicle is capable to fit with two passengers. Pricing from USD 15000. Which will you choose given this cool looking vehicle and your adorable girl friend? ^_^


China Si Chuan Earthquake..

Recently China, Si Chuan suffered from a serious earthquake, resultant in more than 60 thousand of China citizens lost their precious life, not to mention the lost of life of animals, habitants, land, and building. This is another big disaster happened to China, let us give them our deepest condolence.. Bless..

Having suffer this calamity, China, Si Chuan was once a nice wonderful place, suddenly been destroyed severely. Many people lost their home, many people lost their job, many people lost their loves one, and.. many people lost their life.. As we saw on the newspaper, this disaster causes lots of children lost their beloved parents; father, mother, siblings, who have been with them always, gone. This is such a very last sad news they can stand after watching their own happy land being destroyed.

Right after the calamity happened, China authorities responded very fast to rescue their people, people who has always supporting the country itself. Many forces especially the military forces are used to storm into the location to perform the rescue job. They act at fast pace because they want to save as more people as they can. All rescue teams had been ordered to save as many people as they can, even with the orders from the authorities i bet those rescue team will act on their own will to carry out the rescue job. At this very moment, all country around the world shows their concerns over this disaster, send out their expert rescue team respectively to assist China for a better rescue job carry out.

The hard work of their's is not wasted, indeed there are lots of people been saved from this earthquake spot, especially lots of children been saved. This is such a great news for the people who risk their life to save them; though there are some volunteer rescue members have sacrifice their life to save those victims, and there is even a rescue team's dog end up sacrificed itself, they earned themselves the highest pride and respect from people all around the world; they are the life saver!

You're lucky IF you're not involve in recent China earthquake incident, this is such a great disaster, or maybe calamity would suits it better. Lots of people died because of this calamity, however, we still can see that there are lots of people who are volunteer to help out the victims of this disaster, lots of people who donate much money. Thanks to all the hardwork and efforts of the people and concerning society, plenty of victims are being saved by the "Angel", as what we called the rescue team, who trying hard, restless and exhausted to save as many life as they can. From here, we see lots of love and care the society still having and being poured towards the victims. Hoping more victims can be saved by rescue team, and the statistic of people died will not increase anymore further. Bless the victim, and thanks the rescue team. "The greatest consolation for the people in heaven is that the survived victims can have their blessed life goes on and live bravely."


This time, when Opera meets Safari..

After Firefox and IE, there are still two more internet browser i'm gonna introduce this time, the Opera and Safari. I don't think Opera is a less popular internet browser because i've got lots of friends trying to persuade me to join as Opera users.

As far as i know, Opera is actually quite match with the performance of Firefox. As its characteristics, it is having quite fast response time for it to startup. Unlike certain internet browsers, whenever the users clicks on the Opera's icon, the browser will soon appear in front of your desktop in a blink of second. Besides, many of my Opera users amongst my friends commented that it surf with a fast speed, which can actually compete with Firefox, which i believe as i've experience it before. ^_^ Other than the qualities mentioned above, it is too applying a small size of memory on your PC, doesn't cost you a large memory space being occupied. Installer package of approximately 6MB is reasonably small. Even though Opera sometimes having problems when visiting website powered by JAVA or AJAX technology will somehow loss its function on certain button, but it is quite a nice internet browser with nice user interface. What's more, it's having a portable version of Opera internet browser for users who likes to use their thumb drive to store certain application or software to be used when their are away from their own PC. Quite lots of users likes this way of using their favorite application especially thumb drive is cheap nowadays and there are lots of Greenware available over the internet. Apart from that, Opera also having a mobile version of internet browser!

For Safari, which is quite a new thing for most of the internet users, as originally comes from Mac. Developed by Mac, which making the interface a lot similar to the Mac OS interface. The user interface is quite attracting and provides variety of functions to the users. As a new competitor in the market, Safari is considered quite well in its performance. Currently the latest version is 3.0.4 beta, which having installer size around 8MB. For the problems encounter in this internet browser, it perform with less stability when surfing the web, sometimes the browser itself will not responding to the user. The other thing is that Safari is having a lower quality of Chinese word of support, this usually doesn't having problem for English users, however, a major problem for users who used to Chinese interface or surf lots of Chinese website. Well for the users who would likes to try this Safari internet browser, i would like you all to share your surfing experience with me, leaving me a comment so that we can discuss about it and the latest development of this browser. ^_^

You're lucky IF you're able to contribute to the society, because the one to contribute is blissful then the one who accept the contribution. Please pay more concern and care to the China earthquake victims. Bless them..


Royal Battle of the Internet Browser

As i say, the Lissajous pattern is obtained by using the formula F=ma, then the control principle of this subject can be.. Haha.. Please forgive me telling something confusing here since i've been too engross myself inside my studies world previously. ^_^ Actually i'm here to blog something about the internet browser that we use to surfing. Obviously previously Sam is demanding me to do on this subject as this subject is quite a hot topic to be discussed. i'm quite agree with Sam because nowadays there are more and more internet browsers appears on the market, with different characteristics, different data coding, and variety of appearance ready for all internet users. I guess almost every internet surfer have their computer installed with at least one internet browsers as different type of browser will have different function to suits any situation when needed. This time i will talk about Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Opera, and Safari, which are now most hottest internet browser in the market.

Several years ago, IE has dominating the internet browser field because lack of competition. Netscape which is one of the biggest thread for IE, finally down and lose to IE, making IE the dominator in the respective field. However, come to this era, existence of Firefox, Opera, and the latest Safari finally bring some great competition towards the dominator. There are always a bunch of loyal supporters to support their own favorite browser. On the next paragraph, i'll show you the characteristics of each popular internet browser. Ready? ^_^

IE, which is one of the popular browser because of its integrity with Windows, since it comes along with the package, most of the users, especially new users will choose to use this integrated internet browser. But we cannot simply neglect the hardwork IE developers have put into IE. As we seen, IE has grew much better and steadier in this years, even though IE6 is considered not performing well, but the successor IE7 is doing a great job now and winning lots of support from many users. The specialty of IE7 is that it has a anti-Phishing filter which will help the users to filter certain fake website which is intended to steal important information or password from them. In this version of IE, the RSS (Really Simple Syndicate) function is made easy to use. As RSS gaining much more popularity in almost every website these days, RSS function is a must to be equipped on a internet browser. Building a user-friendly RSS function will only drawing more users to use it. However, it did comes with a weird arrangement of the button somehow users switching from IE6 will realize that the "Stop" and "Refresh" button been moved to the right hand side of the browser. Inside the toolbar menu, users can find a windows update button, which indicates well that IE7 also serves as a platform for windows users to gain important updates for their computer OS easily with just a click. As now IE8 has expose itself in the market, although still in Beta version, many of internet users already download this very version of IE to have a test on it (including me ^_^). This IE8, the user interface can be say that almost alike with the predecessor, but most importantly is it comes with a option "Development tools" which allow users (or better, advance programmers) to come participate and make any improvement to it, examine on the HTML codes, or even execute debugging yourself.

Comes to the passionate Firefox, it is always as popular as IE because it also has a OS which officially make it an integrated internet browser. Ya i'm talking the Linux. Firefox is always being a well performing browser over many of its version. Start from Firefox, to Firefox 2, and now Firefox 3 (still in Beta). Firefox 2 and 3 is similar to IE7 and IE8, which provides lots of improvement on user's experience yet retain the user interface from changing much from previous version. However as a major advantage of Firefox, is its easy applicable and comes with lots of plug-in and add-on, as this browser is an open source project (Firefox always emphasize on this fact), this allow and welcome all programmers or designers to design programme for Firefox. Therefore, users will be able to enjoy variety of add-on be integrated in their Firefox. You can have dictionary, translator, music keys, blogging tools or more to integrate in your Firefox; you can also change the themes of Firefox to whatever you like, all tuning work is up to you as you will customize it to become an All-in-One internet browser for yourself. ^_^ Since most of the website mainly built based on IE engine, it means there will be some of the website which is not supported by Firefox, users cannot use Firefox to view the pages but restricted from visiting those website which has low compatibility for Firefox (this is another issue I would like to discuss in the coming blog). But previously I've saw an add-on which enable Firefox to view website which previously not supported, which the add-on called "IE Tab". Therefore it makes Firefox a much more powerful browser from certain point of view.

Comparing these two greatest internet browser, in terms of CPU usage, memory usage, and surfing speed, (IE7 vs Firefox 2) and (IE8 Beta vs Firefox 3 Beta), the result can be expected. It is much similar to the rumors we used to heard. From a statistic performed by a magazine, results shows that Firefox will have lower memory usage compared to IE, sometimes the memory usage of IE is twice of Firefox (may affected by certain condition as well). While comes to CPU usage and surfing speed, there are no any significant difference between themselves, as IE has improved much on version 7 (however my personal view still reckon that IE is having a slower surfing speed and slower response than Firefox).

Well, since the performance between these browsers show nothing significant, it only comes down to which brand you prefer to use and which browser having a better user interface or themes will win the hearts of fellow users. For me, i use both Firefox and IE down to certain circumstances, however i'm a loyal Firefox supporter since i'm quite attracted with some software which called themselves "Open Source". ^_^

On the coming issue i'll try talk about Opera and Safari (since i've done a lot of writing in this blog issue), until then we should further discuss on other topic. You're lucky IF you're the users but not the developers, because you won't be needed to crack your brain to think what the users wanted in their coming version of internet browser and to enhance it. But, i'm quite like the job as a developer. Haha ^_^


The Return of egg86

Finally I’m back. After this long of departure away from my blog space, I’m now starting to draft something, at least. In the past two months, I’ve been busy with my studies. Not only that, my exam is approaching during that period. Therefore I have to put all blogging on a side and have myself concentrated on my studies. Nonetheless, final exam has finally over, all stuffs have been taken care of, I can then concentrate on contribute to the blogging community. ^_^

Another thing is, I wanna say thank you to all my fellow blogger friends and readers who have showing their continuing support for me, constantly visit my blog looking for update blog. Thanks ya.. Straight to the point, telling all of you that more and more stuffs will appear to my blog. I won’t waste yours expectations. You’re lucky IF you’re not neglecting your blog much time, because you will not like me, doing blog like a crazy to cover back all those time I’ve missed. Plus, I’m having two blog needed to be managed simultaneously, mate..


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