Nokia Morph "Discovered"

Anyone of the Nokia phone fans will be sure know that, recently there's one new phone was introduced by this world largest cell phone manufacturer, which is called "Morph".

This phone, which serve as kind of concept phone, designed and researched by Nokia Research Center (NRC) in collaboration with the Cambridge Nanoscience Centre (United Kingdom). Morph, basically is designed to be flexible, and with transparent materials in order to let it be shaped easily into any shape. It has a special ability to self-cleaning and self-preserving from time to time.

What i'm going to tell you next sure makes you excited, that is, it has an integrated solar absorption which might charge a device, whilst batteries become smaller, longer lasting and faster to charge. This cool feature will sure makes lots of Nokia fans pay a big penny for it. ^_^

By using the advance of Nanotechnology, Nokia Morph can be created perfectly. This is because Nanotechnology enables the materials and components become flexible, stretchable, transparent and remarkably strong (Nokia claimed.. However i believe in it.). Fibril proteins that reinforces thin elastic structures. Using the same principle behind spider silk, this elasticity enables the device to literally change shapes and configure itself to adapt to the task at hand. This is probably the most unexpected characteristic and probably the most anticipated characteristic equipped on Nokia Morph.

You're lucky IF you're getting your hands on this highly sophisticated gadget, as this will make lots of people jealous of you. Everyone will demand a look or a touch on your phone, Nokia Morph. ^_^

Nokia Morph "Discovered"! ^_^


Back to blogging with new "Discovered".

This few days have been bothered with lots of assignments and reports. Therefore leaving my blog a while, now i'm back, and having a new idea of discovering. ^_^

Since my blog is to discover whatever which is interesting, therefore now i'll try share more discovering with you. As long as you see the title with a "Discovered", meanings that that's the stuff or gadget i've discovered and seems interesting enough with you. And i'm not limit my "Discovered" to only gadget, however, extend the categories of my "Discovered" to certain website, news, tips or even updates.

Hoping this new idea of mine should serve all my fellow readers well. You're lucky IF you're having something very special to demand for, because i'm gonna search all over the internet for the thing which suits your taste.


Read More Button!!

As you can notice from my new blog interface, i've installed a "Read more" button on my page, therefore the articles you reading is just a teaser. To look further, you will need to click "Read more" button for a detailed story. As from my perspective, this will further enhance my fellow readers' experience while surfing my blog content. So, do click into my blog content for a detail version whenever you are interested with my topics..

A new chat box has been installed on my blog too, that is for readers to easily make any comments on my blog or leave me message. I highly recommend all my fellow do leave me message to further promote our relationship. ^_^

Last but not least, i'm trying the "Snap shots" feature on my page. This application is to give you a preview on the link you interested. If you are not sure what's the contents on the link, then you can try move your cursor over the link or logo, preview on that particular site will be shown in no time. If any of my readers having any opinions on this feature, kindly leave me comments, i'll respond to it ASAP.

That's all for this post. As what i'm saying in every of my blog post, You're lucky IF you're having your blog site full of useful widget, because this will make your blog a better place to surf and attract site traffics, else, your blog site might just be negligible to everyone.


Done refurnishing and refurbishing!!

Hi folks, thanks for waiting for egg-discovering until it is fully refurnished and refurbished. Glad on all the supports and cheers you lots gave me. As you see, there are several new features and interface i've installed for my blog egg-discovering. Here i would like to share to you what i've done on my blog and which features i've added into it.

Most significantly, the template i've installed is very important. This is because i've spend quite a long time of period to settle editing my coding. During the process, i've encountered much of problems either in the coding part of the problems cause by the Blogger. One worth mentioning is the Blogger problem, i'm pretty sure that all Blogger have face this problem before. During i editing and installing my coding, the Blogger cannot process my coding and changes i made on my blog, it displayed:

bX-xxxxxx” cryptic error message.

“We’re sorry, but we were unable to complete your request. When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help Group, please:

  • Describe what you were doing when you got this error.
  • Provide the following error code and additional information.

Well, this is quite frustration and testing my patient over time, especially when you are lack of time and got lots of work in your hand to be finished. Haiz.. Fortunately the problem can be surmounted after a period.. And i would like to share to you how to handle this problem in my coming blog post.

Continue on my discussions, other than having my template changed successfully (Thank God!), i've install additional widgets and features to enhance my blog. No other purpose to do it but to enhance all my readers' and audiences' experience on surfing my blog post. ^_^ As you can see in my page, i've added Spotplex, Snap-shots, Live traffic map and Cloud tags to my blog page, other than previous widget i've included (Technorati, AllMalaysianBlogger and so on...). One most special widget i've added to enhance my blog is... Blog Worth Calculator (powered by technorati) which this calculator can help you calculate how much money your blog worth. ^_^ I've tested and recommend this to all of you. Sadly, my blog currently only worth $2822.70. Hoping in future my blog worth will increase several folds.. Help me would you?? Haha.. (Evil smile..).

Besides, i also included the traffic visited my page from the listed countries. Happy to tell that there are more than 20 countries got traffics on my site. Cheers!

Last but not least, i've created a feature, that is, "Metamorphosis Me!!", which this feature is to metamorphose my blog from discovering mode to monetizing mode. (egg-discovering <==> egg-monetizing). So, please "Metamorphosis Me!!".

You're lucky IF you're having much of problems during managing your blog, because all these problems will somehow turned into precious experiences of yours, or at least become your greater funny memories accompanying you forever.


Refurnishing + Errors!!

To all my dear friends and readers, due to unknown reasons caused by Blogspot, my page are unable to be updated with the latest template and interface of mine. Therefore i'm regret to say that egg-discovering.blogspot is somehow facing trouble to be updated. EGG86 is trying the best to solve this out and hoping to meet fellow readers with a more satisfying interface soon. Cross my fingers to hoping Blogger can surmount this problems ASAP too.

Anyway, all dearly friends and readers can visit the other blog of mine, that is, for other blog post updates. If any blogger can help on settle this very situation, kindly leave me a comment. Thanks.


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