Yahoo! embraces Google instead of Microsoft.

Just heard from news, this is one of the most incredible news in this year you can see. Yahoo! has finally agree a greatest deal with, not Microsoft, however, its biggest rival, Google. Well this act has been discussed amongst lots of people who concerned, and most of the analysts speak: "If you are a Yahoo shareholder, you just have to be scratching your head right now,".

This astonishing news was announced by Yahoo! in late Thursday, which Yahoo! decided to let Google handle some of its advertising sales, right after Microsoft withdraw its intention to take over Yahoo! as Microsoft refused to raise any of their offers towards Yahoo!. This caused Yahoo to close up the window for any further deals from Microsoft. Previously Microsoft offers $33 per share to Yahoo!. As this happens,Yahoo! and Google have entered into an alliance that will let Google handle some of Yahoo's advertising sales.

As the deal between Yahoo! and Microsoft has ended, this Internet pioneer took a sudden step to hire online search leader Google to handle some of its advertising sales. Well according to a research firm eMarketer, Google already holds approximately 75% of the advertising market in the U.S. with Yahoo! in a distant second at 9%. As now Yahoo had agreed to let Google put search ads on its site, in what it called an $800 million annual revenue opportunity that would boost cash flow by $250 million to $450 million in the first 12 months. This would be quite a penny earning opportunity for both corporates. Nevertheless, Yahoo! still intends to use its own search engine to distribute some ads and process all of the search requests. Working with Google will give Yahoo "the best of both worlds,"

As a background story, for all your information, previously Microsoft did offers Yahoo! a deal of $33 per share in order to get Yahoo! under Microsoft's ownership. Microsoft had hoped to use Yahoo! as an alternative to slow Google's growth in the respective field, but Microsoft just couldn't agree to terms claimed from Yahoo!. Microsoft did update their offers towards Yahoo! and yet, Yahoo! rejected Microsoft's latest proposal, which said included an offer to buy 16 percent of Yahoo! for $35 per share, plus to buy its search business (Microsoft is trying to combine Yahoo! search service with its own Live search to compete with Google search.)

Well, the battle between these three famous Corp. has finally reveals the result, however, we could not give the answer that who's the winner between themselves. All i concerned is, maybe as internet users, we are the true winners benefits from this battle as we can expect lots and lots of lucrative features will coming out soon. ^_^


Internet Broadband Speed Test

Have you really ever thinking of the internet broadband you've subscribed from your local ISP (internet service provider)? Actually there's a website called, which gives you the convenience to figure out the real potential of your internet broadband service. This website serves as a tool for internet users to learn about the real potential of your internet broadband, and at the same time, the hidden power of your internet broadband which hasn't been utilized.

Once you open the portal, will let you choose from a list of server from your local country. When you chose the ping server and start the speed test, the web tool will start ping the server for you, and determine the download speed, and then the upload speed within a minute. Well, with a sporting looking of the tachometer, giving you a feel of driving a cool sport car to test its top speed. ^_^

Finally, after all the tests have been carry out, it will display out a result and with a number of link for you to copy and paste on your forum or website to show off your top speed and discuss amongst other internet users. Don't ask about my ISP, because i'm really disappointed with its service, although claimed to be the largest network of 3G service in country,but providing a really slow speed for my territory, and great number of hidden power within.. Nonetheless, have fun with this web tool!


Language class??

Have you ever thought of learning a another language for yourself? To become more success in work? To be more easy to travel to some of the foreign countries? Or just purely to satisfy your own interest to learn it? Well, this is quite a nice thing to tell you and i bet you'll be glad to know it.

I've always wanting to learn Japanese, i tried all methods to help myself learn the language. I got into Japanese class in university; i do self-learning on Japanese, the pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammars; i go online search for websites which provide the tutorials; and i watch lots of movie with Japanese as media. I manage to speak a little of Japanese with these efforts. Lately, i discovered a website which provides a platform for all people who is interested in learning another language other than their own mother tongue. I've take a tour on this website and i've joined it too. It require the user to register with however, free of charge (FOC). Does this abbreviation get your attention? ^_^

Palabea, serves as a kind of platform similar to facebook and forum like of function. You can meet a lot of friends there, serving as your mentor, or you are the one serving as their mentor, teaching them your mother tongue, while at the same time, you learn theirs. Basically, Palabea provides lots of languages for most of the users to learn with. English (for sure..), Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malay, and all sorts of popular languages.

There will be plenty of people around the globe who will become your mentor in your learning path, why? Because whoever feels they are fit to giving out a languages lesson, they can create a room as his/her classroom and start to gives out lesson right away, what matter is as long as there are people willing to sign in to your class to learn what you teach. While for those who intended to learn languages, they will need to sign in to a classroom to start learning. Well, since every lecturer has their own teaching techniques, you can find lots of media such as videos, mp3s, and documents as a lecturer's teaching tools. Quite interesting i notice. ^_^

Well, nowadays you can easily find any website which provides much of the services for distance learning, and i bet you find this one very useful. Better equip yourself with another language knowledge, because you won't knowing when you'll gonna need it. Good luck ^_^


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