Discovering the magic of Coolhotmail

Do you feel bored about seeing always the same kind of email address? Well, i've just discovered that you can actually give you email address a very special name, or probably, a email address with your own name on it! With total customization freedom of your's! Hit "Read More" button for further story if i get your attention. ^_^

What i said maybe sound totally outrageous, but it is true that you will be able to customize your email address into something more interesting, or being suits your personality. You can tell people who is your favorite stars by carving the name of the star on your email address; if you are a football maniac, you can say out loud on your email address title; or you can just tell other people of your personality on the email address, no problem!

This is all been achieved by using the new email service provided by Microsoft and MSN. Recently these two OS and internet leader offers this great email service for all internet users, mainly for FUN. All you need to do to enjoy this service is just simply register to this service, with a few of simple click, it is all done.

There are a few of categories which you can choose your email address. Total of 5 categories, sounds "city i love", "who i like", "who i am", "what i like", and the last category "i don't fit". There you got piles of email list you can choose from to customize your email address, with various type of word and name. However, the email address will not be same as you knew previously, the email address ends with or .in instead of .com which we usually known for, but if you are a expert email users, you might notice that or .in is actually a extension of web or email, or be define as country code top-level domain, .com extension is also available for certain email domain.

Feeling interested? Try visit coolhotmail for your own personally customized email address! ^_^

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Terimakasih admin..
salam kenal ^_^

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